01/09/2023 | Monza - Lombardia
No track gets a Formula One fan's pulse racing faster than Monza. It’s the quickest circuit on the calendar and also one of the most evocative: the old banking - last used in 1961 - is clearly visible, as are some of the old stands.

When you combine the track’s merits with the cultural delights and shopping of nearby Milan, you are left with one of the most alluring races of the season. As well as the city and the circuit, the charms of Lake Como are just a short drive to the north and the Mediterranean coast is only a couple of hours away.

“Milan is undoubtedly a great city,” says Giancarlo Fisichella. “It’s very beautiful, with some great places to see and good food. But there are some great pizzerias in Monza itself and I try to eat in one over the GP weekend".
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