When you confirm the booking over the web page, you accept the conditions set out in this rental agreement. Please read this agreement carefully; if there is anything you do not understand or do not agree with, please ask Booking Camper srl.


An initial paymet of 20% is required to confirm the booking.
A binding contract for the hire will come into existence when Booking Camper srl issues your booking acceptance.
The costumer will be asked to pay the hire balance almost 30 days before departure. 
If the client does not pay the balance at the stated date, the vehicle reservation will not be confirmed with the consequence that the 20% initial payment will be deducted as penalty.

It can be paid by credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard) or by cash (no more than € 1990,00). On delivery day a Insurance excess deposit of € 1500,00 by credit card is also required to be held against any loss, damage to the motorhome (externally or internally) costs or insurance claim as described in these terms and conditions. If there are no deduction required from your deposit, it will be returned in no more than 15 working days after the end of the hire period. The deposit payment must be considered essential with the consequence that, in case of failure, Booking Camper will be entitled to ask a penatly of the 80% of the total rental amount.


No refund are due in the case that the costumers for personal reasons leave later or return aerlier than previously booked. In the case of cancelled booking, all cancellations must be notified in writing to Booking Camper srl, but please call Boking Camper immediately to inform us as this will improve the chances of rehiring the motorome.  If the booking is cancelled up to 31 days before the hire, the initial payment of 20% will be withhold. If the booking is cancelled between the 30th and the 16th day prior to the expected hire dates, a penalty of 50% of the total reservation amount will be charged. If the booking is cancelled after the 16th day prior to the expected hire dates, the entire sum shall be forfeited. In any case, a fee of € 100,00 will be withheld to cover costs. Date of cancellation is taken as the date that the written cancellation request is received (working days only).


Unless otherwise agreed with Booking Camper srl, the motorhome will be available on the day of collection from the agreed location at 03:00 pm and must be redelivered back to the agreed location by 10:00 am on the last day of hire. Unless otherwise agreed with Booking Camper srl, the motorhome will be delivered and must returned at Booking Camper offices.
A full had over session will be done before you take the motorhome and any damage etc noted on the rental agreement. Note that contract signing and vehicle instruction can take up to an hour. On return, vehicle inspection can also take up to 1 hour. Last return can have a significant impact on the next hire so the company must be promptly informed of any expected delay. If you fail to return the motorhome on time, you may be liable to an extra charge at the discretion of Booking Camper srl but tipically € 52,00 after 30 minutes plus any additional cost incurred by Booking Camper as result. Three times the normal daily fee will be charged for each day of late return plus any additional costs incurred by Booking Camper as result. There are no refunds for motorhomes returned early. If the customer, in the event of a forced rental interruption, wishes to return the vehicle to a different location than the one agreed, he will be required to immediately notify Booking Camper (anyway within 24 hours), in order to permit Booking Camper to recover the vehicle in the most appropriate way. An extra charge to the customer could be asked, in addition to a penalty to regain the availability of the vehicle.
If the customer intends to extend the rental, he must notify Booking Camper with a minimum of three days before the vehicle return date. Any confirmation by Booking Camper is subject to availability. 

The vehicle is delivered to the costumer washed, clean and disinfected by our depot and must be returned in the same condition, with the waste water tanks (grey water tank + wc cassette) completely empty. At the conclusion of the hire, the vehicle will be checked out and any damage, not present at the start of the hire, will be fully charged to the customer, even if they have not been detected at the time of delivery as not immediately verifiable, but notified to the customer within 7 working days. In the event of damage found by Booking Camper, the customer hereby authorizes Booking Camper to withhold the deposit and, if the amount due exceeds the deposit itself, the customer will be required to pay the difference. He also could be asked to sign a form that no accidents are taken place, involving the hire vehicle during the period of rent.


Motorhome rental, vat, 24hr vehicle breakdown Assistance, 2x gas bottle (one full and the other one not full), chemical liquids, roll out sun awning and vehicle comprehensive insurance with limited liability (€ 1500,00) are included in rental prices. Bike rack, bed linen, towels, pillow and kitchen kit are not provided with the motohome as standard. If you specifically require these items or are travelling from abroad, please enquire about availability. Other extras can be booked at the second stage of the booking process. If there is anything that you require but we don't offer, please ask and we will do our best to provide it (an additional cost may be applied).
The contract does not concern tourist packages or extra services such as the organization or the realization of an holiday by Booking Camper with the consequence that we decline any responsibility for them.


Driver (s) must present their own full valid driving license (with 3 years driving experience), valid passport, valid International Driving Permit (if you are not UE citizen), credit card, return flight/train ticket. If you are not sureyou can comply the identification please contact us in advance. All our motorhomes are a standard car license (3500 kg).  


All transfers must be pre booked. If you have selected a pick up or a drop off locations, you will need to provideu with the following:- AIRPORT (both arrival and departure information required): airport, flight number, exact arrival time, number of people to be transferred, operative mobile phone number.
- BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT: number and location of train/bus station, exact arrival time, number of peoplet be tranferred , operative mobile phone number.

Please consider that in Milan Orio Al Serio BGY, Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa and Brescia we don't deliver the motorhome directly at the airport but it is a transfer service. Please consider that we need 15 minutes for Milano Orio Al Serio transfer, 1 hour for Milano Malpensa, Linate and Brescia transfer. Concerning all other locations, we usually deliver the motorhome directly at the airport (but it depends on arrival flight time so we have to agree with client). If you need other location, please tell us, we will do our best to provide it.
Should you decide to make your own way to the depot, parking facilities is offered for free at the depot for the duration of the rent. Vehicles are parked at own risk.


Mid season 7 nights (June, July, September), high season 14 nights (August), low and winter season 3 nights.


Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 19:00
Sunday by appointment only


Any type of smoking in the motorhome is strictly prohibited and any client found in breach of the Terms and Condition will incur a charge of € 500,00.


The acceptance of pets in the motorhome will be by agreement with Booking Camper srl. Booking Camper do welcome pets, so please check out before booking what pets motorhomes are available and an additional charge of € 135,00 will be charged per hire (to disinfect the motorhome).
It is forbidden to transport substances or anything else that, due to their condition or smell, could damage the vehicle and/or could delay the possibility of renting it. In case of vehicle extraordinary cleaning, the costumer will be charged the relative cost, plus a penalty for the days lost to reconditioning the vehicle in the same conditionds it was at the time of delivery.


Unfortunately events beyond Booking Camper srl control, occasionally affects bookings. Every effor will be made to supply the motorhome model requested, but Booking Camper srl reserve the right to vary models, give alternative models with equivalent or similar specifications to those advertised or booked, without giving prior notification and without applying extra charges.  If for any reason, no motorhomes/vehicles were available or if we were not able to provide an alternative vehicle, Booking Camper reserves the right to offer the customer another rental period for the same balance (or lower cost, in this case, recognizing the difference). The customer can accept, in this case it must be confirmed in writing, or refuse, in this case the hire company reserves the right to refund all payments made without further liability. A maximum delay of 48 hours in motorhome delivery also doesn’t configure Booking Camper non-compliance, if it depends on facts non related to Booking Camper itself. The current legislation will be instead applied for the 48 hours exceeding delay on motorhome delivery.


Motorhome come with fully comprehensive vehicle insurance with a limited liability. The standard vehicle insurance excess is € 1500,00 per damage. The excess of € 1500,00 must be deposited by credit card on taking possession of the motor caravan and will be returned after suitable control by the lessor. Collision Damage Waiver/Excess Protection cover for damage to the vehicle, fire and theft insurance with a minimum of € 1500,00 per damage. Radios, TV and any other removable accessories are not insured against fire and theft. Overhead damage, vehicle keys, damage to tyres (including punctures, blow outs), windscreens, wheels alloy, wheel rims/trims, upholstery are not covered by the vehicles insurance, the hirer is liable for the full cost of repair and it must be paid on return of the vehicle. Damage to the interior furnishings and utilities, caused through negligence and lack of care are to be borne by the costumer who hereby authorizes Booking Camper srl to withold the amount needed to make good said damage above, though always allowing for adjustment. Should the amount exceed the deposit, the costumer will be asked to pay the difference.
Booking Camper will deliver the vehicle in perfect condition, having done all the necessary checks and maintenance for proper operation. The hirers attention is drawn to the need fot the engine fluid levels to be checked on a daily basic, tyre pressures and the vehicle to be used in the manner for which it is intended. Lubrificants, fuel, even the AD Blue for the Euro 6D-Temp vehicle are a costumer charge. In the case of breakdown or malfunction the rental company will authorize refunds if you provide a valid receipt from a vat registered company and faulty parts are returned back to the lessor. The customer undertakes to follow the instructions provided by Booking Camper regarding the custody and repair of the vehicle. The rental company is not responsible for additional charges arising from breakdown or accidents. Our liability is limited to supply an hotel if possible, or refund hire charges for any days lost due to vehicle malfunction.  All decisions regarding refunds are at the sole discrection of the rental company. If an breakdown or/and accident is caused by the driver/hirer no refund for any day lost will be given. 
If any accident will occur, you must immediately inform the competent authority and Booking Camper staff within 24 hours, by calling the emergency number indicated on the vehicle use instructions, delivered on the day the vehicle is picked up.

-  if the accident is occurred with another vehicle, you must inform immediately Booking Camper (anyway within 24 hours) and complete the "Accident statement " that must be delivered to Booking Camper at the latest on the return day. The document must include: the names of the persons involved in the accident , their address and telephone number, their driving license data, the name of the insurance company, the policy number, the license plates of the vehicles involved in.  If you don’t hand over a copy of the accident statement to Booking Camper, you will be responsible for any damage to the vehicle.
If you’re at fault, regardless of the damage suffered by the vehicle, € 250,00 will be deducted due to insurance costs.

- If the vehicle will be stolen, you must immediately communicate it to the Booking Camper, and contact the competent authorities in order to report the theft. The costumer also must deliver within 24 hours a copy of the original report + the vehicle keys. The vehicle insurance will not cover if the motorhome is stolen with its keys or if the keys are lost/miss placed. Full cost of vehicle will be down the hirer.

-  in case of object theft (vehicle object or costumer object), Booking Camper won’t be responsible in any case. Any damage on locks, windows, doors or generally any damage due to the theft and caused to the vehicle internally or externally, will be totally at the customer's cost, which must in any case present a copy of the original report. The repost must also contain any damage to the vehicle, both internally and externally.
In case of any damage, regardless of his severity, the costumer is obliged to contact Booking Camper immediately. Booking Camper can also ask you to draw up a document indicating the dynamics of the impact. The same document must contain a statement in which the costumer certifies that the vehicle has not been involved in any accident. You may will be asked to collaborate even if the motorhome hire is already concluded.

In any case it is forbidden to abandon the vehicle without taking the proper precautions to protect and safeguard it.


  1. The customer must keep and use the vehicle with due diligence, by following the technical provisions given during the vehicle instructions. It is necessary to check the status of the vehicle, in particular the level of water, brake fluids, oil and tires. The customer must fill the tank with the correct fuel.You must look after the vehicle and the keys of the vehicle. You must always lock the vehicle when you are not using it and sure any security device fitted to or supplied with the vehicle. You always must protect the vehicle againts bad weather , which can cause damages. You are responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by hitting low level objects, such as bridges or low branches. It is your responsibility to leave the motorome parked in a safe place. No responsibility can be accepted by Booking Camper srl as result of negligence (theft or vehicle damages caused by others).
  2. The carriage of persons for commercial purposes and any other use not specified in the contract is prohibited. It is expressly forbidden to the customer to change any technical features of the vehicle, keys, locks, equipment, tools and/ or accessories of the vehicle and make changes to its exterior and/ or interior, unless expressly authorized in writing by Booking Camper srl. In case of breach, the customer will be charged all costs of reconditioning the vehicle to its original state, and will also be required to pay a penalty for vehicle stop due to reconditioning. You must let Booking Camper know as soon as you become aware of a fault in the vehicle. You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without Booking Camper permission. If we give you the permission, you will only be refunded if you have a receipt for the work (correctly completed) and the replaced spare parts delivered back to us.
  3. No billboards shall be displayed on the vehicle to not compromise the vehicle paint. In case of negligence we will charge € 1500,00. The costumer must take proper care of the vehicle and use due diligence when using it, especially: must not allow the motorhome to be used to propel or tow other vehicles, in competitive races, time trials, or any other form of speeding, in violation of any costums or tax law and the highway code; the vehicle to be driven overloaded, at unauthorised speeds or by anyone other than the costumer unless previously authorized by the company or when under the influence os alcohol, drugs, narcotics, barbiturantes or any other substance tha diminishes consciousness and one's capacity to react. Moreover the vehicle must not be taken abroad unless with the authorization of Booking Camper srl. If Booking Camper authorizes to exit Italy, the customer declares to know the foreign country road rules. It is expressly forbidden to travel in a country in war. The customer also undertakes not to cause, by its behaviour, the forfeiture of insurance coverage.
  4. It is forbidden to sub-rent or give on loan to third parties the vehicle. It is also forbidden the sale of the vehicle or any of its parts. The costumer must not give anyone any legal right over the vehicle.  
  5. Insecure loads, loading and overloading shall be the responsibility of the hirer. It is also the hirer responsibility to ensure that all items inside and outside the vehicle are loaded safely and correctly, and that the place stored is fit for purpose, and that no items/object are going to fall out or hurt or cause damage to someone or something. It is recommended, before starting the vehicle, to check that all the windows and portholes have been closed properly. Any damage or injury etc cause will be down the hirer. The rental company will not accept any liability for this.  Negligence damage will be at a full cost to the hirer.
  6. Before you bring back the vehicle you must check that you have not left any personal belogings in the vehicle and itis your responsibility to check that the vehicle is as clean as when you collected it. In our depot there is no cleaning service you can use; you must clean the motorhome before you return it. All the objects left on the motorhome are considered abandoned and Booking Camper cannot be required to store or return them
  7. All fine and costs (including court costs) for parking, traffic or other offences, congestion charges (including any cost which arise if the vehicle is clamped) is costumer responsability. He must pay the appropiate authority any fines and costs if and when the authority demads this payment. If he does not, he will be responsible to pay any costs and reasonable administation charges (typically € 20,00) which arise when Booking Camper deal with these matters.    
  8. The use of the vehicle in violation of even one of the disposal contained in the previous points will constitute the responsibility of the customer for all costs arising to Booking Camper. The costumer hereby authorize the rental company to withold the deposit. Should the due amount exceed the deposit, the costumer must pay the difference. 


If, for any reason and for any reason arising from a fact chargeable to the customer, during the rental or for a fact occurred during the rental, the rented vehicle is subject to administrative detention, to civil or penal seizure or to any other civil, penal or administrative provision that limits the availability, the customer will have to correspond to Booking Camper srl, in addition to the daily rate of rental in force at that time, a penalty of € 50.00 per day (both until release), in addition to the costs necessary to obtain the release of the vehicle.


When you collect the motorhome, it is clean inside and outside, and it is supplied with clean water tank full, grey water tank and cassette empty. It must be returned clean inside (no rubbish or food must be in vehicle) and with the waste tanks in the same condition: empty. In case of non-compliance we will charge € 135,00 for the inside cleaning, € 10,00 for the grey water tank and € 50,00 for the cassette tank. The vehicle must be returned with the same diesel tank level it had on departure. In case of non compliance € 25,00 will be charged plus the missing diesel cost. Concerning gas, we will provide one full cylinder gas and 1 not full cylinder gas (level left from the anterior client). The two cylinder gas are included in the rental price therefore the costumer has not to refuel it. Should you need to replace an empty bottle during the cost of your hire, it is your responsibility. Very important: every European Country has different adaptor for connecting the cylinder gas so if you need to buy a new one abroad, consider that you also need to buy an adaptor. For an extra price, we provide the adaptors for the following Countries: Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands , Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Norwey, Spain and Germany.  Should the costumer buy an abroad cylinder gas, he must be asked to return all the cylinder gas provided by Booking Camper, even if empty.


Due to the Covid-19, all the rental vehicles will follow the new disinfection procedure:

  • Upon motorhome delivery, after filling the vehicle check-in form with the Booking Camper staff, the RV will be treated with ozone.  The treatment can last up 15 minutes so motorhome delivery will be completed in about 30/40 minutes. The client is asked to show up on the day and time established in the rental agreement – by appointment only.
  • The client must return the vehicle on the date and time as established on the rental agreement. Once the vehicle has been dropped off, it will be treated with ozone. Booking Camper staff will proceed to check-out the RV and to its internal and external cleaning only after the ozone treatment is completed. Please note that internal cleaning will be carried out with products containing alcohol or chlorine, as required by italian law. Once Booking Camper team has finished the cleaning operations, the vehicle will be treated again with ozone. The new disinfection procedures have longer times than standard treatments, therefore the deposit cannot be returned immediately as usual, but in the following days, however within 7 days from the return of the vehicle.
Unfortunately, as it is not possible to keep the interpersonal safety distance of at least one metre into the vehicle itself, the rental motorhome explanation procedure cannot be performed. In order to replace the rental motorhome explanation procedure, the client will be provided with videos, already available during the booking process so you will still be instructed on the use of the rental vehicle. Anyway the 24/7 assistance service is still guaranteed.


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