Family discount Card for major attractions, Free for all 2009/2010 rentals .  

This family card (completely free-of charge for overseas bookings at Campervaltesse) gives your child free entry to over 1500 places all over Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, France, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

The list of places includes: water parks, theme parks, wildlife and sea-life centres, safari parks, adventure parks, museums, castles, manor houses, river/lake cruises, ski passes in numerous ski resorts, hotels, campsites, sport centres, restaurants and so on.

For every adult paying full price (in some cases two adults are required, please check the on-line guide) one under-13-year-old child can have unlimited access to the facility until 30 November 2007.

What advantages are there for my family and I ?
By showing the ‘Family Card Mondoviviparchi’ you can obtain free entry to any of the organizations listed in the guidebook for under 13-year olds as long as they are accompanied by one (in some cases two) adult(s) paying full fare. The child given free entry must have the same surname as one of the two adults entering with the child (the signatures must be written on the back of the card). Management in the various organizations can reserve the right to ask for identity when requesting free entry.
What happens if I have more than one child ?
The family card is valid for the whole family. The only consideration to bear in mind is that for each child that has applied for free entry there must be one full paying adult (unless otherwise indicated in the guidebook).
How often can I use the ‘Family Card Mondoviviparchi’ and how long is it valid ?
The card can be used for the whole year indicated on the card (until 30th November 2007). However, when you use the card to enter a certain place, it cannot be used on the same day to enter the same organization.
You can, though, use the card to enter different attractions on the same day (unless otherwise indicated in the guidebook).
Is there anything else I need to know ?
The 'Family Card Mondoviviparchi' is for exclusive use for individual bookings and cannot be used for group bookings. The discounts cannot be used together with other promotions that are running at the time of entry.
What do I have to do if I need further information ?
You can contact us immediately at:
Adver Group Srl, Via Baertsch 4 - 24124 Bergamo
Tel: 035 362798 or fax: 0354534598
or check out our website (Italian only)
or email us at [email protected]

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