Toilette cassette final cleaning € 50,00
Cod.Rif. 82

The vehicle must be returned with the toilette cassette empty and cleaned.
Booking Camper will provide for the toilette cassette final cleaning for an extra price of € 50,00.

Inside cleaning € 135,00
Cod.Rif. 81

Before returning the motorhome, the hirer is asked to clean the motorhome inside and empty the water tanks (toilette cassette + grey water tank).
For an extra price of € 135,00 Booking Camper will do it for you.

Cylinder Gas Adaptor € 5,00
Cod.Rif. 77

This is a real useful accesories if you're intended to exit Italy during winter season!
Every European Country has different adaptor for connecting the cylinder gas so if you need to buy a cylinder gas abroad, you also should buy an adaptor, a different one for each counrty, in order to connect the foreign cylinder gas.
This adaptor is for the following Countries: Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands , Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Norwey, Spain and Germany.

Loungers € 15,00
Cod.Rif. 64

Pleasant and comfortable lounge chairs for hours of rest.
You can even use them on the beach.
Choose as many as you wish and are available for € 7.50 for the entire rental period.

Bykes rack € 0,00
Cod.Rif. 48

Perfect for spending a great day away from the busy roads or even to get into the town centre while you leave the motorhome in the carpark/campsite.
A bicycle rack can hold up to four bikes.
The bicycle rack is provided for free.
It is not available on Vans or on motorhome with garage.

Infant's seat € 20,00
Cod.Rif. 47

In order to travel in complete tranquility (and not worry about breaking the law) we can supply you with a child's seat which can be fastened to the seats in the vehicle's lounge.
Each seat costs € 10,00 per rental.

Booster Seat € 20,00
Cod.Rif. 46

For older children we also have booster seats which can be fasten to the seats in the vehicle's lounge.
We have various sizes for various age groups.
Each booster seat costs € 10,00 per rental.

Picnic table € 50,00
Cod.Rif. 45

Useful accessory for lunch and dinner in the open-air during the warmer season.
It includes 4 chairs and a table and takes up very little space inside the motorhome.
It is provided for €35,00 for the whole rental.

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