Bed kit - single € 20,00
Cod.Rif. 40

The bed kit includes sheets or duvets (extra thick in the cold season), pillows and cases, bath towel per 1 person.
The prices is as follows: single bed € 20.00 for the whole rental.

Bed kit - double € 30,00
Cod.Rif. 39

The bed kit includes sheets or duvets (extra thick in the cold season), pillows and cases, bath towes per 2 persons.
The prices is as follows: double bed € 30,00 for the whole rental.

Kitchen kit € 40,00
Cod.Rif. 38

The kit contains; frying pans, saucepans, lids, colander, cheesegrater, tin opener, corkscrew, ladles, chopping board, wooden spoon, a pair of scissors, teatowels, oven gloves, plastic containers, a 24-piece cutlery set, kitchen knives, washing-up liquid, disposable plates, bowls and beakers.
Basically everything you need to cook and eat with.
Price € 40.00 per rental.

Inverter 12V/220V € 20,00
Cod.Rif. 37

This useful acessory allows you to switch from 12v to 220v (max 300 watts) so you can recharge your mobile phone, laptop computer, digital camera, etc while driving or when parked withot being connected at the electrical cable.
The cost is € 10,00 for the whole rental.

Levelling ramps € 5,00
Cod.Rif. 33

Sometimes it is difficult to find a parking area on flat land and it's handy to have with you a set of these ramps which go under the wheels to level off the vehicle.
Price € 5,00 per rental.

Snow chains € 0,00
Cod.Rif. 32

During the winter season, from 15th November to 15th April, we will supply you, free-of-charge, with snow chains which are extreamly easy to fit and can guarantee you a safe onward journey.
If you need snow chains also in other seasons, you must ask it also on the deliver day.

12V Hairdryer € 15,00
Cod.Rif. 11

Handy gadget to have with you.
All our motorhomes are kitted with suitable sockets so no need for adaptors!
It works 12 V.
It is €6 per rental.

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