Awning 0,00
Cod.Rif. 43

Great for outdoor meals in the summer months or for simply lazing under in those hot afternoons. All our motorhomes come kitted with one.

Walkie talkie 0,00
Cod.Rif. 42

If you are rening two or more motorhomes with friends or relatives this accessory is very handy as it will provide you with instant communication without having to make expensive international calls on your mobiles. Furthermore, it you make the bookings for two or more motorhomes at the same time we will include this accessory completely free-of-charge!! It is not possible to have this accessory when booking one vehicle only..

Sat Nav GPS 25,00
Cod.Rif. 41

Take advantage of this hi-tech accessory to facilitate your arrival in any Italian or European destinations. Complete with itineraries and Italian or European maps. The cost is € 25,00 for the whole rental.

Bed kit - single 20,00
Cod.Rif. 40

The bed kit includes sheets or duvets (extra thick in the cold season), pillows and cases, bath towels. The prices is as follows: single bed €20.00.

Bed kit - double 30,00
Cod.Rif. 39

The bed kit includes sheets or duvets (extra thick in the cold season), pillows and cases, bath towel. The prices is as follows: double bed € 30.00.

Kitchen kit 40,00
Cod.Rif. 38

The kit contains; frying pans, saucepans, lids, colander, cheesegrater, tin opener, corkscrew, ladles, chopping board, wooden spoon, a pair of scissors, teatowels, oven gloves, plastic containers, a 24-piece cutlery set, kitchen knives, washing-up liquid, disposable plates, bowls and beakers. Basically everything you need to cook and eat with. Price: € 40.00.

Inverter 12V/220V 10,00
Cod.Rif. 37

This useful acessory allows you to switch from 12v to 220v (max 300 watts) so you can recharge your mobile phone, laptop computer, digital camera, etc. The cost is € 10,00 for the whole rental.

Day-glow jacket 0,00
Cod.Rif. 34

With the introduction of the new highway code, it is now compulsory to wear one whenever you alight from the vehicle while on the road or roadside. Free-of-charge.

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