17/09/2021 | MUNICH - GERMANY
Period From 17/09/2021 To 20/09/2021 Place MUNICH - GERMANY Select vehicle types Couples-Friends
Persone From 2 to 6 Persons Period Autumn 49,50 Cost to (per person)
For years now October for beer connoisseurs has meant only one thing…The Oktoberfest! This year from Sept 18th- Sunday Oct. 03th.
For those of you who want to ‘dive’ into this magical atmosphere we’ve come up with a low-cost package just for you.
From 19th Sept, the famed opening ceremony takes place where you’ll be able to see decorated floats and celebrities dressed up in traditional costumes, the ‘Osti’ family, floats pulled by lines of horses and oxen prepared by the monks turned brewers as well as live music in the various stands.
Everything gets underway on the Sunday of the first weekend at about 10:00 and lasts roughly 2 hours following the route below:
Max II. Denkmal, Maximilianstraße, Residenzstraße, Odeonsplatz, Lenbachplatz, Karlsplatz-Stachus, Sonnenstraße, Schwanthalerstraße, Paul-Heyse-Straße, Georg-Hirth-Platz, Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz, Festwiese.
The processions in traditional costume (Schützen) is a picturesque and colourful representation of the Bavarian way of life but it also includes other areas of Germany. It is an amazing 7 kilometers long and winds its way through the streets of Munich and is made up of folkloristic groups dressed up for the occasion, groups dressed in historic uniforms, brass bands, riflemen and alpine soldiers, thoroughbred horses, oxen, cows, horse/oxen-drawn vehicles, floats by beer producers themselves, floats representing local costumes and traditions, flag throwers, dancers and so on and so on!!! A show that is not to be missed. This weekend, moreover, tends to be quieter and staff are a bit more attentive towards guests as there is more time for them to dedicate to the individual.

What’s included?

• Motorhome for 4-6 persons
• Bed and kitchen kit (+ bathrobes)
• Transfer to and from Orio airport/depot
• info regarding overnight parking in area
• Navsat
• Free parking area if you come by car


Duration: four days (can be personalized)
Group size: 4-6 persons
Destination: Munich
Period: September – October
Not available: other weekends
Flight: not included
Can be personalized: yes
Day of departure: 17 September 2021

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