Period From 01/04/2015 To 12/06/2015 Place BERGAMO - LOMBARDY - ITALY Select vehicle types Sport
Persone From 2 to 4 Persons Period Spring 294,79 Cost to (per person)
Ever thought about using a weekend to do some sport, maybe staring something new like windsurfing? You’ll be amazed at how easy this sport can be even from the first lessons! We have some windsurfing centres in the province of Bergamo, some in Lombardy and some in central Italy where there is a qualified instructor waiting to show you how much fun it to become a real ‘surfer’. There are courses suitable for all ages and levels:

The ABC of windsurfing, safety in the water, the ideal standing position, the fundamental nautical rules and the correct speed to have. The academics on land and the practice…obviously in the water with the instructor showing you the way to leave and return to the shore all on your own
From the basic to the more complex manoeuvres as well as how to use the handle bar correctly and starting off from the beach. Academic lessons using a simulator and practice in open waters in windier conditions.
You are now ready to enter the fantastic world of the ‘fun board’. You’ll be shown how to perfect the more technical manoeuvres in rough waters and feel the excitement of those first jumps!
All you need is your suitcase!!

We can guarantee complete assistance on this tour as well as an on-site parking spot for your motorhome, transfer to and from Milan-Orio Airport, apparel and equipment needed to do the course, bed and kitchen kit and a nav-sat.

What's included?

• Motorhome for up to six people
• Bathrobes, bed linen and kitchen kit
• Airport transfer
• Overnight camping in campsites or farmhouses
• Windsurfing equipment necessary for the course
• A ‘Nav-sat’ to get you to your destination


How long? 3 – 5 days
How many? 2 – 4
Where: Northern Italy
When: April – September
Flight included? No
Can be personalized? Yes

We want to share your love of sport, adventure, and the love of our country, its heritage, its culture and its food with you!!

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