15/10/2018 | Nod e centro Italia
Period From 15/10/2018 To 21/12/2018 Place Nod e centro Italia Select vehicle types Couples-Friends
Persone From 1 to 1 Persons Period Autumn 660,00 Cost to (per person)
October-November '15

One week's rental for an Adriatic 576DK* (6-berth) and 2300km mileage.
A fantastic week from only €660,00 to rent a motorhome and to set out for Pisa, one of the most famous cities in Italy, rich in History thanks to its maritime supremercy which made it one of the maritime rebublic which started back in 828A.D. when the navy, comanded by Bonifacio, sailed into the territory of the Saraceni and along with other maritime cities such as Venice, Pisa's economy started to florish. As a result of all this trade and commerce it was decided that investments in education should be made and many schools such as 'The Normal School' were opened.
Well worth a visit are: Piazza dei Miracoli, Duomo, Battistero, Camposanto, Museo delle Sinopie, il romantico pisano, the church of Santa Maria, the church of San Nicola, Palazzo Reale, The Normal School, Piazza dei Cavalieri and probably the most famous tower in the world 'La Torre di Pisa' or 'Torre Pendente' (The Leaning Tower of Pisa) which makes this visit quite unique!

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