04/01/2018 | Urbania (Pesaro) - Marche
'Befana' Celebrations
Every year, from 2nd to 6th January, you can see this characteristic old lady (who is more important than Father Christmas in some parts of Italy) with her broomstick all around this marvellous medieval town situated in the hills of Marches. During the four-day event, you'll see firework displays, parades, exhibitions, and all that is related to the 'Befana'. It's a bit like going to Lappland!! This is also an event that's abound with records: The most Befana in one place at one time, the biggest broomstick in the world, the biggest stocking. An event you can't miss.
Due to the popularity of this event, you must book your parking lot in advance as the local administration won't let you park near the town duing the manifestation.
For full details check the website (Italian only)
Have fun and don't forget your mask!!
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