01/09/2018 | Mantova - Lombardia

M I L L E N A R I A 2 0 1 0
From 5th - 13 September, in Gonzaga, mantua, there an ancient fair which dates back to 1580. On 12th April of that year, Duke William Gonzaga donated 33 lots of land to the local monks reciding at the 'Madonna dei M...

02/09/2018 | Monza - Lombardia
Italian Gran Prix

No track gets a Formula One fan's pulse racing faster than Monza. It’s the quickest circuit on the calendar and also one of the most evocative: the old banking - last used in 1961 - is clearly visible, as are some of the old stands.

When y...

03/09/2018 | Viterbo - Lazio

Viterbo is famous for the 'trasporto della Macchina di Santa Rosa', a procession which takes place on the evening of 5rd September, to commemorate the relocation of the body of Saint Rosa from the Church of Santa Maria del Poggio to the church of San...

09/09/2018 | Misano World Circuit - San Marino
Misano Adriatico Circuit

Time Schedule G.P. CINZANO DI SAN MARINO E DELLA RIVIERA DI RIMINI Local Time Friday, 03 September 2010 125 FP1 12:40 - 13:40 MotoGP FP1 13:55 - 14:55 250 FP1 15:10 - 16:10 Saturday, 04 Se...

16/09/2018 | Lombardia
Lombardiainbici 2010

Promote health, the environment and eco-sustainable behaviour, enjoying a week of fun and relaxation surrounded by nature. This is the goal of the fifth edition of Lombardiainbici 2010, the annual event full of initiatives aimed to boost bicycle use,...

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